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  • Sandwich Tuck Point Blade

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    Sandwich Tuck Point Blade

    1.Sandwich Tuck Point Blade Sandwich tuck point blade is designed with double or three segmented saw blades combined for grooving. That applies high diamond content sandwich style segments for fast and smooth mortar removal .That blade is 10 mm segment height for longer life...

  • Turbo Double Tuck Blade

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    Turbo Double Tuck Blade

    1.Turbo Double Tuck Point Blade Turbo double tuck blade is designed with two turbo saw blade combined for fast, efficient mortar removal, grout repair and cleaning of concrete application. This kind of turbo double tuck point blade are both used for dry cutting and wet...

  • V-shaped Crack Chaser

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    V-shaped Crack Chaser

    1.V-shaped Crack Chaser V-shaped crack chaser blades feature a V-shaped segment design with diamond embedded wedges of incredible cutting speed and exceptional blade life. V-shaped crack chasers provide constant depth with angle cut on marble, granite, bricks, concrete and...