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Aetna super hard on United States exports of diamond saw blade will be zero-tax

Huineng NET CBSKC.COM News: June 8, was distributed to members of the WTO, China vs United States warm water shrimp, diamond saw blade the anti-dumping measures to the WTO dispute panel report, obtained in the case China comprehensive win. The WTO Panel ruled that the United States on Chinese warm water shrimp, diamond saw blade for use in anti-dumping investigations zeroing method to calculate dumping margins of surveyed enterprises in violation of the anti-dumping agreement, does not conform to the WTO rules. Noting that the Commerce Ministry spokesman Shen Danyang thereon, China welcomed the ruling. China urges the US side to respect the WTO ruling and quickly end the practices that are inconsistent with WTO rules, and fair treatment of Chinese exporters, maintaining normal trade between China and activities.