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Danyang saw successful United States anti-dumping case reflection

By the World Trade Organization ruled that the United States in China-made warm water shrimp, diamond saw blades for anti-dumping investigation, the original calculation of dumping margins do not conform to the WTO rules, China in this case, a comprehensive win. The message to China's export enterprises of diamond saw blade, particularly China export base--Jiangsu Danyang diamond saw blades diamond saw blade brings the Gospel. This is the US anti-dumping against China in recent years, China made a rare victory in history. China exports United States diamond saw blades from the anti-dumping duties will be imposed on 164% to 0% without prejudice to final. China's export enterprises in the globalization of international trade market in long relief.Hubei daily news (reporter Zhou Lixin, correspondent Li Hongjiang) 1st quality inspection center of diamond tools in ezhou, Hubei Province, was completed.

Is of quality and technical supervision Bureau of Shanxi province approved the establishment of the Centre for professional inspection institutions at the provincial level, is public testing platform for diamond tools innovation platform of science and technology.