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Advantages Of Electroplated Diamond Grinding Wheels

  Advantages of electroplated Diamond Grinding Wheels:

  ① electroplating process is simple, less investment, easy to manufacture;

  ② no dressing, easy to use;

  ③ single-layer structure determines that it can achieve a high working speed, the current foreign has been as high as 250 ~ 300m / s;

  ④ Although only a single layer of diamond, but still have enough life;

  ⑤ for the accuracy requirements of the wheel and grinding wheel,Diamond Grinding Wheels plating is the only manufacturing method.

  It is because of these advantages, electroplating wheel in high-speed, ultra-high-speed grinding occupy the undisputed dominant position. Electroplated diamond grinding wheel defects: the coating metal and the matrix and the combination of the surface of the abrasive does not exist a strong combination of chemical metallurgy, abrasive is actually only mechanical embedded in the coating metal, and thus holding a small, diamond particles in the load In order to increase the holding force, it is necessary to increase the thickness of the coating.Diamond Grinding Wheels As a result, the abrasive grains are exposed to the height and the chip space is reduced, and the grinding wheel is liable to be clogged. In this case, Poor heat dissipation, the workpiece surface prone to burns. At present, the domestic plating wheel manufacturing has not yet achieved according to the requirements of processing conditions and optimize the design of the best grinding wheel, monolithic electroplated diamond grinding wheel of these inherent drawbacks will greatly limit its application in efficient grinding.