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Cutting Parameters Of Diamond Saw Blades

  Cutting parameters of diamond saw Blades

  (1) Saw blade Speed: in the actual work, the line speed of diamond Circular saw blade is limited by the condition of equipment, the quality of saw blade and the nature of multi-chip. diamond saw Blade The wire speed of saw blade should be selected according to the nature of different stone materials from the best service life and sawing efficiency of the saw blade. When sawing granite, the saw blade line speed can be selected within the 25m~35m/s range. For granite with high quartz content and difficult to cut, it is advisable to take off the limit value of the line speed of saw blade. In the production of granite tiles, the use of diamond circular saw blade diameter is small, the line speed can reach 35m/s.

  (2) Sawing depth: Sawing depth is involved in diamond wear, effective sawing, saw blade stress and the nature of the sawing stone important parameters. Generally speaking, when the diamond circular saw Blade's line speed is high, diamond saw Blade should choose the small cut the elimination depth, from the present technology, sawing diamond depth can choose between 1mm~10mm. When sawing granite blocks with large-diameter saw blades, the cutting depth can be controlled between the 1mm~2mm and the feed speed should be lowered at the same time. When the wire speed of diamond circular saw blades is large, large cutting depth should be chosen. However, when the performance of the Saw machine and the tool strength permit range, the cutting concentration should be taken as much as possible to improve the cutting efficiency. When the machining surface is required, small depth cutting should be used.

  (3) Feed speed: The feed speed of the cutting stone. diamond saw Blade Its size affects the sawing rate, the force of the saw blade and the heat dissipation of the sawing area. Its value should be selected according to the nature of the sawn stone. Generally speaking, sawing more soft stone, such as marble, can be appropriate to raise the speed of the knife, if the speed of the knife is too low, more conducive to improve the sawing rate. Sawing fine grain structure, the comparison homogeneous granite, may suitably raise the knife speed, if the knife speed is too low, the diamond blade is easy to grind flat. However, when sawing coarse-grained structure and soft and hard granite, the cutting speed should be lowered, diamond saw Blade or the saw blade vibration will cause diamond fragmentation and reduce the sawing rate. The cutting speed of sawing granite is generally selected within the 9m~12m/min range.