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Diamond Grinding Wheel High Compressive Strength

As the diamond abrasive has the characteristics (high hardness, high compressive strength, good wear resistance), so that diamond grinding tools in grinding grinding hard and brittle materials and carbide as an ideal tool, not only high efficiency, precision High, and good roughness, abrasive consumption less, long life, but also improve the working conditions. So widely used in ordinary abrasive difficult to process the low iron content of metal and non-metallic hard and brittle materials, such as hard alloy, high alumina porcelain, optical glass, agate gem, semiconductor materials, stone and so on.

Diamond wheel structure is generally composed of working layer, matrix, transition layer composed of three parts. Working layer, also known as diamond layer, composed of abrasive, binder and filler, is the working part of the wheel. The transition layer, also known as non-diamond layer, by the binder, metal powder and filler composition, is the diamond layer firmly connected to the part of the substrate. The base is used to receive the abrasive layer and, when in use, is firmly held by the flange on the spindle of the grinding machine. General metal binder products used steel, alloy steel powder as the matrix; resin binder aluminum alloy, electric wood for the matrix. Made of aluminum, steel or bakelite, from the support of the working layer and the role of loading and grinding abrasive. Grinding wheel quality and the use of the quality of the level of accuracy and have a great relationship with the matrix.

Features: Diamond wheel characteristics include diamond abrasive types, particle size, concentration, binder and shape and size.

Diamond grinding wheel is widely used in processing high hardness materials. In the choice of the use of diamond grinding wheel, should note the following:

1. Abrasive, binder and workpiece performance between the three match: the performance of abrasive or not, to a large extent depends on the abrasive, binder and the workpiece between the three performance is matched. For specific processing objects, the choice of binder formulation is particularly critical after the abrasive is selected. At present, the main use of thermal spraying material grinding is the use of resin grinding wheel, because the grinding wheel with good self-sharpening, easy to plug, high grinding efficiency, the workpiece after the surface roughness value is low, low grinding temperature and easy Dressing and other characteristics, so the application is very wide;

2. Grinding wheel size selection: Under normal circumstances, the processing of the surface roughness value of the lower requirements, the smaller the size should be. During the machining process, the grinding wheel grade should be selected according to the grinding allowance. When the grinding wheel is finer than W20, the cleaning degree of the grinding environment is high, and the surface roughness Ra of the workpiece can be prevented due to the process pollution. The

3. Concentration of the choice: the concentration is superhard material grinding wheel unique to a professional term, that is, the working volume of the grinding wheel per unit volume of diamond or CBN content; under normal circumstances, the resin binder grinding wheel concentration of 75-100. Concentration, such as re-increase, because the resin binder itself is weak and no meaning;

4. Grinding system parameters of choice: grinding system, including grinding equipment, grinding wheel, process parameters. Grinding machine spindle rigidity, shock measures, the wheel's internal performance, balance, processing accuracy and so on have an impact on the choice of grinding parameters. Grinding parameters include grinding speed (grinding wheel speed, reciprocating feed speed), the amount of feed, etc., should be based on the workpiece grinding allowance, grinding and combined with the specific circumstances of the grinder and to be selected to adjust.

5. The choice of grinding fluid: the purpose of the use of grinding fluid is mainly to quickly derive the grinding process in the grinding heat generated and timely washed away debris. Grinding a lot of varieties, according to the type of workpiece and processing characteristics of a reasonable choice.

6. Dressing problem: Resin binder Diamond wheel can not be trimmed with diamond pencil. Because of this type of grinding wheel self-sharpening generally do not need to dress, must be trimmed, you can first use the soft steel plate when the workpiece to repair the surface, and the silicon carbide wheel when the workpiece industry blade. There are information on the use of high-pressure water sputtering finishing, laser trimming and other methods, as well as the use of electrolytic grinding to achieve edge grinding edge dressing.