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Diamond Grinding Wheel Is The Most Hard Grinding Wheel

  Diamond Grinding Wheel is the most hard grinding wheel, he has a "invincible" ability, grinding ability is very strong, but the use of diamond grinding wheel still need to pay attention to some matters. To prolong the service life of diamond grinding wheel.

  1 Diamond Grinding Wheel is a valuable tool, only used for processing high hardness materials, but not to grind general steel or other soft materials.

  2 diamond Grinding Wheel after the flange, but also after a static balance to be used. It should be noted that before the grinding wheel runs out of the flange.

  3 The use of diamond grinding wheel machine tool, its rigidity is better, spindle selection accuracy (radial runout is not greater than 0.01 mm), and can be used for micro-feed.

  4 the appropriate grinding amount must be chosen. The following data are available for reference:

  (1) Grinding Wheel Line speed:

  Metal Binder: Shan 10 15 sec (dry mill), Shan 20 sec (wet grinding)

  Resin Binder: Shan 15 sec (dry mill), Shan 25 sec (wet grinding)

  (2) Workpiece line speed: generally 10 15.

  (3) Grinding Depth: The grinding depth is small, otherwise the grinding wheel wears quickly, but the grinding efficiency is not necessarily high. 0 005 mm/oxygen travel is generally advisable. The finer the abrasive granularity, the smaller the grinding depth should be, especially the smaller the coolant.

  (4) longitudinal feed speed: generally $number m/min.