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Diamond Grinding Wheel Storage And Transportation

1. Diamond Grinding Wheel storage

Should not be easily damp, frozen and high temperature storage of diamond grinding wheel, Diamond Grinding Wheel to a year is appropriate, more than the storage period of the Diamond Grinding Wheel, to undergo a rigorous inspection to confirm no problem before use.

2. The transportation of Diamond Grinding Wheels

(1) diamond grinding wheel must be completely packaged transport and avoid collision, not long exposed damp, can not contact with the base;

(2) diamond grinding wheel in a flat way stacked neatly, can not be long inclined and pressure, to prevent deformation;

(3) to avoid direct contact with the ground, must be covered with tidal wooden pallets stacked, from the ground height of 10-375px is appropriate, stacking height of not more than 1 meter;

(4) the implementation of advanced first principle, to ensure the best use of the product period;

(5) the product should be re-tested for more than one year after the rotation strength and appearance before use.

What is the difference between resin diamond grinding wheel and electroplated diamond?

Resin diamond grinding wheel and electroplated diamond grinding wheel is the main difference is that the same binder, resin diamond grinding wheel mainly use phenolic resin plus a small number of metal powder as a binder, and electroplating diamond grinding wheel is through the accumulation of nickel cobalt alloy deposited in the metal matrix Appearance and fixed diamond abrasive grinding wheel production process.

The primary difference in their function is:

1, in the processing power, because the electroplating wheel selection of higher grade abrasive and as long as a layer of abrasive, cooling function and so on have their own advantages, so the electroplating diamond grinding wheel processing power higher;

2, the service life, the electroplating wheel as long as a layer of abrasive, (glass grinding wheel) so the life of the plating wheel will be second to the resin Diamond Grinding Wheel;

3, the processing accuracy, the workpiece on the surface roughness of the impact of the same size of the case, (glass wheel) plating wheel processing out of the rough surface roughness worse.