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Diamond Polishing Pad Play A Role In Increasing The Hardness And Glossiness Of Stone Maintenance

Diamond Polishing pad is a kind of a special mat made of hundreds of millions of diamonds, through pure physical mechanical grinding clean and polished stone cleaning pads. The use of diamond polishing pad to maintain the stone cleaning staff without any training, no need for cleaning agents, just add water. Diamond Polishing pad with a maximum speed of not more than 450 rpm of the washing dryer, single wipe or two-speed machine with the use of. Because there is no pollution to the environment, in Europe and the United States quickly has been widely used.

The use of polished diamond pads is very simple. First of all, use white diamond polishing pad to renovate the stone, remove the small scratches on the surface of the stone, then using the brown diamond pad to remove the concave and convex part of the stone surface, and finally with the green diamond polishing pad fine polished stone surface, so that the stone is a refreshing.

The processing technology of stone crystal surface is a new kind of stone nursing technology, which is aimed at the hardness, gloss, clarity and the shortage of the process, and gradually replaces the waxing process.

The crystal surface treatment of stone is the use of crystal surface treatment agent, under the pressure of the special Crystal surface processor and its high temperature with the friction of the stone, the crystallization of the surface of the stone is arranged by the physicochemical reaction to form a clear, dense and hard protective layer to increase the hardness and glossiness of the stone. But because of the volatile pungent odor of crystallization agents, damage to human health, in many countries in Europe began to limit the use of stone surface maintenance applications and frequencies.

Dressing way of polishing pad

There are two modes of online trimming and off-line trimming in different polishing products and different polishing equipments and processes. The thinning of the thin enterprise polishing mainly for the display panel/glass surface polishing, and usually used polishing machine is usually single-sided polishing machine, so in the thin enterprise is often used in the polishing disk polishing machine corresponding to the installation trim disk for off-line trimming.

The application requirement of diamond dressing disk and the effect of diamond shape, size and arrangement on dressing effect

Performance requirements for trimming discs

According to the requirements of polishing process, in the actual grinding polishing operation, the polishing liquid will have a certain acid-base corrosion, while the polishing pad dressing has a good mechanical wear and cutting effect. Therefore, the following requirements should be met:

Can effectively remove the glaze layer on the surface of the polishing pad, the surface of the polishing pad has the proper roughness to ensure the quality and efficiency of the panel/glass polishing; no material will fall off, otherwise, the panel/glass surface can be scratched and scratched, the dresser dimension is stable, wear-resisting, and the corrosion resistance of the polishing solution is satisfied. Dressing discs are usually made of diamond material.