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Diamond Polishing Pad There Is No Pollution To The Environment

Stone crystal surface treatment process is for the water wax process in the hardness, gloss, clarity is not enough and the process of cumbersome and other improvements from the development of a new type of stone care process, and gradually replace the waxing process.

Stone crystal surface treatment is the use of crystal surface treatment of pharmaceuticals, in the special crystal face treatment machine and its weight with the stone friction produced by the dual role of high temperature, through the physical and chemical reaction, in the stone surface crystallization arrangement, forming a clear, dense, Hard protective layer, play a role in increasing the hardness and gloss of stone maintenance. But because the crystallization of volatile pungent odor, damage to human health, in many European countries began to limit the use of stone crystal surface applications and frequency.

Diamond polishing pad is a kind of hundreds of millions of diamond inlaid in a special mat, through pure physical mechanical grinding clean and polished stone cleaning pad. Use a diamond polishing pad to keep the staff clean without any training, no cleaning agent, just add water. Diamond polishing pad can be used with the maximum speed of not more than 450 rpm per minute of washing and drying machine, single rub machine or two-speed machine with the use. Because there is no pollution to the environment, in Europe and the United States has been widely used.

The use of diamond polishing pad polishing is very simple. First use the white diamond polishing pad on the stone renovation, remove the stone surface of the small scratches; then use the brown diamond pad to remove the stone surface smaller bumps, and finally with a green diamond polishing pad fine polishing stone surface, so that the stone a new look.

Part of the international brand of cleaning equipment suppliers began to diamond polishing pad into China, some domestic hotels began to use the German Karcher diamond polishing pad system to replace the stone crystal surface maintenance system.