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Diamond Saw Blade If You Want To Use A Long Time Must Be Maintained First

  Diamond saw Blade If you want to use a long time must be maintained first

  Diamond saw blades (granite saw blades, marble saw) although not like leather, leather shoes and other fine items need regular care, but if you want to use the effect of good sawing, cutting efficiency, you need to pay attention to maintenance, through maintenance, not only to make the appearance of diamond saw blade more beautiful, but also conducive to improve the quality of the use of saw blades

  Diamond saw blade maintenance should pay attention to the following points:

  1. After the consumer buys diamond saw blades, if not used at that time, must not touch the knife head on the diamond saw blade with the hand, because the manufacturers usually spray a layer of paint on the top of the knife, if you touch the words easy to peel off the antirust paint, this will make the diamond saw blade exposed to the air and the oxidation occurs, which will lead to rust, affecting the appearance of diamond saw blades.

  2. When we buy diamond saw blades, we must pay attention to the light handle, because the heavy fall must cause the blade deformation, even the diamond saw blade is not all on the same level, so, when we are cutting stone, the diamond saw blade is curved, not only affect the quality of the saw blades, but also can not cut good stone.

  3. When the diamond saw blade is used, the substrate should be protected, lightly take care of, must not fall, because the diamond saw blade body can be reused, if the matrix deformation will be unable to weld the knife head, maintenance good substrate is equivalent to buy a new saw blade.