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Diamond Saw Blade/Laser Saw Blade/General Purpose 350mm

Product Description

Diamond saw blade/laser saw blade/general purpose 350mm

1. High cutting efficiency saw blade
2. Fast cutting speed saw blade
3. Durable for long life use saw blade
4. Different quality grade for clients choose
5. Other special specifications and colors can be produced by clients require

As a leading manufacturer in professional diamond tools,Xinxiang New Zuan Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. specialized in producing and developing all kinds of diamond tools, which have wide range of applications in architecture, stone process, decoration and highway project, etc.
As a ISO9001: 2000 certified company, Xinxiang New Zuan Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. has very strict quality control system, all products exported to the U. S. A., Germany, UK and many other countries, and enjoy very good reputations in the mainstream market.

Diameter  Segment  Grade              Cutting materials
MM Size(MM) No.

115 33*2.4*10 8 premium  General Purpose
125 29*2.4*10  10 premium  General Purpose
150 30*2.6*10  12 premium  General Purpose
180 31.5*2.6*10  14 premium  General Purpose
230 38.5*2.6*10 16 premium  General Purpose
300 40*3.2*10  20 premium  General Purpose
350 40*3.2*10 24 premium  General Purpose
Application: General purpose cutting with normal construction brick, cement prefab block, cement slab, granite, refractory materials, sandstone, slate, tile and concrete.