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Diamond Saw Blade Production Process And Use

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1. Diamond saw blade specifications

The current size of the diamond saw blade in China is up to 3000mm (the maximum size of foreign diamond saw blades is 5000mm) .250mm or below the specifications of small saw blade is mainly used in hand-held or installed in semi-professional cutting machine for decoration; To 500mm specifications of the blade is mainly used in building materials processing. 1000mm or 1000mm above the large-size saw blade is used for large blocks of sawing processing, the most used is the 1600mm diamond saw blade.

2. Diamond saw blade production process

Diamond saw blade production process need to pay attention to the film coating tool, in the rigid and high temperature characteristics of good collective materials, through the chemical vapor deposition method of diamond film made of cutting tools. Its main problem is the poor adhesion of the diamond film to the substrate, and the diamond film cutter does not have abrasive wear.

Diamond thick film welding tool manufacturing process generally include: the preparation of large area of the diamond film; diamond film cut into the required size of the tool; diamond thick film and tool base material welding; diamond thick film cutting edge grinding and polishing The

The diamond grain is prepared by the method of rolling abrasion and the diamond grain with average particle size of 32 ~ 37μm or the diamond grain is directly prepared by high temperature and high pressure method. The grain powder is deposited on WC-16wt% Co alloy, Ta foil is isolated, sintered at 5.5GPa, 1500 ℃ for 60 minutes, made of diamond sintered body, made with this sintered body with a high wear resistance.

3. Diamond saw blade use

In the processing of glass and ceramic materials, we usually use the sintering method of continuous edge saw blade to cut the two or cut off. Stone and other building materials in the processing, generally applicable to the welding type saw blade. However, according to the different processing technology, the shape of the required saw blade will have some differences. For example, saw blade blades are generally used for cutting boards. In all developing countries, the demand for diamond saw blades in these two industries is very strong and is expected to maintain a good momentum of development.

On the other hand, in the construction, the use of electroplated diamond saw blades is very common. Due to the rapid development of industrial engineering, this type of saw blade has a higher market share. Nevertheless, with the improvement of environmental requirements, the production and use of electroplated diamond saw blades are increasingly limited.

4. Diamond saw blade life

Sawing parameters affect diamond saw blade life:

(1), sawing depth: sawing depth is involved in diamond wear, effective sawing, saw blade force and saw the stone material is an important parameter. When the diamond saw blade line speed is high, the cutting depth should be properly adjusted.

(2), saw blade line speed: In practice, equipment conditions, saw blade quality and sawed stone will limit the speed of the saw blade. In order to achieve the best service life and sawing power of the saw blade, the speed of the saw blade should be selected according to the nature of the stone.

(3), feed speed: feed speed is the rate of being cut into stone. The speed of the feed rate affects the sawing rate, and the heat dissipation of the saw blade. Feed the speed of the size of the stone according to the nature of the selected.