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Diamond Saw Blade The Scope Of Application Will Become More And More Broad

Believe that most people know that diamond is the world's most hard found natural material, so it is often used in industrial cutting tools. One diamond saw blade is a diamond cutting tool that is widely used in cutting and hardening materials such as raw materials, concrete, ceramics, glass, precious stones, and so on. And now, with the continuous improvement of technology, its application areas are constantly expanding the spread, seems to have become an indispensable tool for civilized society.

Because the application of diamond saw blade in fact with its production process, zigzag shape and so closely related. According to the different production methods, diamond saw blade can be divided into sintering type, welding and electroplating three kinds, which sintering type can continue to be subdivided into hot pressing sintering and cold sintering two. According to the appearance of different diamond saw blade can be divided into continuous edge saw blade, blade type saw blade and turbine saw blade.

In the processing of glass and ceramic materials, we usually use the sintering method of continuous edge saw blade to cut the two or cut off. Stone and other building materials in the processing, generally applicable to the welding type saw blade. However, according to the different processing technology, the shape of the saw blade will have some differences. For example, saw blade blades are generally used for cutting boards. In all developing countries, the demand for diamond saw blades in these two industries is very strong and is expected to maintain a good momentum of development.

On the other hand, in the construction, the use of electroplated diamond saw blades is very common. Due to the rapid development of industrial engineering, this type of saw blade has a higher market share. Nevertheless, with the improvement of environmental requirements, the production and use of electroplated diamond saw blades are increasingly limited.

And for the gem of the processing process, due to try to avoid the destruction of these precious materials, need to have a thin blade thickness and high mechanical accuracy. Which sintered saw blade due to thick thickness, can only be used for cheaper jewel cutting. For precious stones, you should choose electroplated saw blades or wire saws that are not within the scope of diamond saw blades. In the appearance of the saw blade, will have to choose the majority of continuous edge saw blade.

From the demand market, China's demand for diamond saw blade accounted for the largest part of the world market, and with the technology continues to improve, the application of diamond saw blade will become more and more broad, the market will continue to expand The However, China's production technology and Western countries there is a certain gap, the industry's reform has yet to be accelerated.