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Do You Know How The Diamond Grinding Wheel Is Cutting The Grinding Wheel

  Do you know how the Diamond Grinding Wheel is cutting the grinding wheel, the following brief description of the diamond grinding wheel grinding method

  First, the grinding wheel in the cut out when the easy collapse side: with a larger main angle of the tool cutting wheel, cut into the cutting edge easy to collapse. In order to solve this problem, the use of circular blade, changed the main declination, so cut into a smooth cut. In the case of a feed rate of 1 to 1.5 mm, no collapse phenomenon occurred.

  Second, the chip was powder: cutting wheel of the chip was powder, the tool wear in the form of flank wear, the main bear wear abrasive abrasive.

  Third, the cutting force and cutting temperature is low: diamond composite film has a high thermal conductivity, 1.5 to 9 times for the carbide, copper 2 to 6 times, so that the temperature of the cutting zone quickly spread. Therefore, cutting the resin binder or ceramic binder wheel with a diamond composite blade tool is much lower than the cutting metal.

  Fourth, with the traditional turning tools,Diamond Grinding Wheel diamond composite film in the process of turning almost no dust flying, the noise can be effectively reduced, the diamond grinding wheel work environment has been further improved, is conducive to physical and mental health workers.