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Factors That Can Not Be Neglected In Grinding Of Diamond Saw Blades

Factors that can not be neglected in grinding of diamond saw blades

The deformation of the matrix is large, the thickness is inconsistent and the inner hole tolerance is large. When there is a problem with the congenital defects of the matrix, the grinding error exists regardless of the type of equipment. The deformation of the matrix has a deviation from the two side angles, and the difference of the substrate thickness has a deviation to the back angle and the front corner of the blade, if the accumulated tolerance is too large, the quality and precision of the saw blade are seriously affected.

Welding factors. When welding alloy to moderate deviation, affecting grinding accuracy, resulting in large pressure on one side of the grinding head, while the pressure is small, the back angle also produces the above factors, welding angle difference, man-made unavoidable factors, both on grinding wheel and other factors can not be avoided.

Effect of grinding wheel quality and grain size width. Selection of Grinding wheel running-in Gold film, pay attention to the size of grinding wheel, grain through rough grinding to produce grinding wheel traces, grinding wheel selection particle size fine easy to block grinding less, easy to burn knives. The diameter of the wheel and the width of the grinding wheel are based on the length of the alloy or different tooth shape and alloy each surface condition, not a rear corner or the front corner of the wheel specifications can be arbitrarily grinding different tooth shape, it must be targeted to select the appropriate specifications for grinding wheel.

The grinding head feed and the size of the grinding wheel are of great importance to the cutting quantity. General Grinding Wheel recommended selection of # to 240# extremely 240# to 280# not choose 280# to 320#, or to adjust the feed speed.

Grinding Center. All saw blades grinding this and the substrate as the center, rather than with the knife edge, plane grinding center can not get out, the back corner, the front corner with machining center can not grind a saw blade, grinding three of the process in the saw Blade center should not be ignored. Grinding side angle is still carefully observed alloy thickness, thickness of different grinding center with the change, regardless of the thickness of the alloy, grinding wheel centerline should be with the welding position in a straight line, otherwise the angle difference will affect the cutting.

The tooth extraction mechanism should not be neglected. Any gear grinding machine no matter how the structure, the accuracy of the drawing-tooth coordinate design to the quality of the knife, at the time of the adjustment of the tooth needle pressure in the tooth surface reasonable position, and not to move is extremely critical, the withdrawal of teeth, the claw should be flexible and reliable.

Clamping mechanism: The clamping mechanism is stable and reliable, is the main part of the sharpening quality, any clamping mechanism can not be loosened, otherwise the grinding gear deviation seriously out of control.

Grinding stroke. No matter grinding saw blade any part, grinding head grinding stroke is very important, generally requires that the grinding wheel exceeds the workpiece 1 mm or exit 1 mm is advisable, otherwise the tooth surface produces two side blades.

Program Selection: Sharpening general settings have a coarse, fine, grinding three different procedures to choose, depending on the product requirements, the final grinding of the front corner is recommended to use the grinding program.

The grinding fluid is determined by the coolant grinding. Grinding produced a large number of tungsten COO, Emery Wheel powder, not in time to flush the surface of the tool and cleaning the grinding wheel pores, resulting in surface grinding tool can not be grinding out the finish, not enough cooling will also burn alloy.

The grinding gear mechanism affects the grinding teeth. Diamond saw blade grinding teeth in the form of the structure and assembly, the current market of about two types of models: one type of German float inks. This type uses the vertical grinding pin, the advantage all uses the hydraulic stepless movement, all enters the system to adopt the V-type guide and the ball screw work, the grinding head or the big arm adopts into the knife slow enters, the retract quick retreat, the clip oil cylinder adjusts the center, the supporting piece is nimble and reliable, the tooth extraction accurate localization, the diamond saw blade Localization Center firmly automatic fixed center, any angle adjustment, Reasonable cooling and flushing, the realization of human-machine interface, high precision grinding, pure grinder design;

Grinding head feed speed. The grinding of diamond saw blades depends on the feed speed of the grinding head, the general alloy circular saw blades can not exceed this value in 0.5 to 6 mm/sec. That is, each minute should be in 20 teeth, exceeding 20 teeth per minute feed speed is too large, will produce a serious knife tumor or burning alloy, grinding wheel produced concave and convex surface caused by grinding gear precision waste grinding wheel.