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How Does The Diamond Grinding Wheel Measure Hardness?

The hardness of the diamond grinding wheel is to reflect the abrasive grain in the grinding force under the effect of falling from the grinding wheel on the surface of the degree of difficulty. The hardness of the grinding wheel hard and hard show that the hardness of the grinding wheel is not the same as the hardness of abrasive. Grinding wheel selection time, pay attention to the hardness of the right, if too hard, blunt abrasive grain does not fall in time, will happen a lot of heat, burn the workpiece; grinding wheel is too soft, it will make the abrasive particles fall too fast and can not play effect.

1. The harder the workpiece, the more soft the wheel.

2. The greater the contact surface between the wheel and the workpiece, the more the choice of grinding wheel.

3. Grinding and grinding should be selected when grinding hard wheel to adhere to the necessary shape of the wheel accuracy.

4. Wheel hardness selection and size of the contact: Diamond Grinding Wheel the larger the size of the wheel, in order to prevent the grinding wheel was debris blockage, usually to choose a soft wheel.

5. Work piece information: grinding non-ferrous metals, rubber, resin and other soft data, should use a lighter grinding wheel.

The particle size indicates the degree of abrasive grain. Diamond Grinding Wheel To the abrasive just through which the number of mesh to indicate the particle size of the abrasive particles. The number of holes is the number of holes per inch on the screen. Such as 60 # size is 60 holes per inch in length. When the grinding wheel abrasive diameter of less than 40 microns, this abrasive is called fine powder. The particle size of the powder is indicated by the diameter of the powder, in microns, plus the front mark. Such as W28 refers to the diameter of 28 microns of abrasive particles. Grinding wheel size selection and scope of application: 12-16 #: for rough grinding, barren grinding and polishing burr grinding wheel. 20-36 #: Grinding of grinding wheels for grinding steel ingots, grinding castings burrs, cutting billets, grinding porcelain and refractory materials. 40-60 #: for the round grinding, Diamond Grinding Wheel cylindrical grinding, grinding plane, unintentional grinding, grinding and other grinding wheel grinding. 60-80 #: for the round grinding, cylindrical grinding, grinding plane, unintentional grinding, grinding and other semi-fine grinding and grinding grinding wheel abrasive. 100-240 #: for grinding, ultra-fine grinding, honing, thread grinding and so on. W10-20: for grinding, precision grinding, ultra-fine grinding, mirror grinding and so on. W7 - more fine: for grinding, ultra-fine grinding, mirror grinding, etc., making grinding paste for grinding and polishing. So you can not use the general instrument.