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How To Identify The Diamond Saw Blade From The Appearance Of Good Or Bad

  How to identify the diamond saw blade from the appearance of good or bad

  Diamond saw blade is not like the general merchandise, it is easy to see in appearance good or bad. Saw blades are part of the tool, in the appearance of similar, if not a professional, it is difficult to see through the naked eye pros and cons. However, as long as the master know the trick, careful observation, through some minor flaws or can see the effect of the use of the entire product.

  The following is the experience of saw blade experts to tell you how to select the details through the saw blade:

  1. First look at the diamond saw blade on the same straight line

  If the head is not on the same line, indicating the size of the blade size is not regular, there may be some wide and narrow, this will lead to cutting stone, cutting instability, affecting the quality of the blade.

  2. Observe whether the weld is close to the substrate

  The weld and the substrate before the braze will have a weld, if the bottom of the bottom of the arc and the matrix is fully integrated, there will be no gap, there is a gap that the diamond saw blade and the matrix is not fully integrated, the main Is because the bottom of the bottom of the arc when the arc surface is uneven.

  3. Measure the weight of the saw blade

  Diamond saw the more heavy the better, because the blade is heavy, then cut the more inertia force, the more stable cutting. In general, 350mm diamond saw blade should be about 2 kg, 400mm diamond saw blade in about 3 kg.

  4. Check the hardness of the substrate

  The higher the hardness of the substrate, the more difficult to deformation, so whether in the welding or cutting time, the hardness of the matrix is a direct impact on the quality of the blade, high temperature welding deformation, force majeure conditions are not good Matrix, processed into a saw blade, it is a good saw blade.

  Through the above four aspects, will be able to check out a diamond saw blade is good or bad, friends in the purchase of diamond saw blade, may wish to control the above points, identify the selected blade is high quality, durable diamond saw blade The