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How To Make Diamond Saw Blades Live Long

  How to make diamond saw blades live long

  Diamond saw blades are mainly used for cutting concrete stone, building materials, doors and windows, wall tiles, etc., is one of the common tools in building. The quality of diamond saw blades is the main reason to affect the life span, but the use method and the late maintenance are also very important, so how to make your diamond saw blades live longer?

  I. Sawing parameter

  1, saw blade line speed: From the best saw blade service life and sawing efficiency, should be based on the nature of different stone select saw blade line speed. When sawing granite, the saw blade line speed can be selected within the 25m~35m/s range.

  2, sawing depth: Generally speaking, when the diamond circular saw blade line speed is high, should choose the small cutting depth, from the current technology, sawing diamond depth can be between 1mm~10mm choice. When sawing granite blocks with large-diameter saw blades, the cutting depth can be controlled between the 1mm~2mm and the feed speed should be lowered at the same time. When the wire speed of diamond circular saw blades is large, large cutting depth should be chosen.

  3. Feed speed: Cutting speed is the feed speed of the stone. Its size affects the sawing rate, the force of the saw blade and the heat dissipation of the sawing area. Its value should be selected according to the nature of the sawn stone. Generally speaking, sawing more soft stone, such as marble, can be appropriate to raise the speed of the knife, if the speed of the knife is too low, more conducive to improve the sawing rate. Sawing fine grain structure, the comparison homogeneous granite, may suitably raise the knife speed, if the knife speed is too low, the diamond blade is easy to grind flat.

  II. Other factors

  1. Diamond granularity: The usual diamond granularity is within the 30/35~60/80 range. The harder the rock is, the finer the grain size should be chosen. Because under the same pressure conditions, the finer the diamond the sharper, is advantageous to cut into the hard rock.

  2, knife head concentration: the so-called diamond concentration, refers to the diamond in the working layer of the distribution of the carcass density (that is, the unit area of the weight of diamond). "Specification" stipulates that the concentration of 4.4 carat diamond in a cubic centimeter working carcass is 100%, and the concentration is 75% when it contains 3.3 carat diamonds. The volume concentration indicates how much the diamond occupies in the agglomeration and stipulates that when the volume of the diamond is 1/4 of the total volume, the concentration is 100%. The increase of diamond concentration is expected to prolong the life of the saw blade, since the average cutting force per diamond is reduced by increasing concentration. However, increasing the depth of the saw blade will inevitably increase the cost, thus there is a most economical concentration, and the concentration increases with the Cheng cutting rate.

  3, the hardness of the knife-head binder: In general, the higher the hardness of the binder, the stronger the abrasion resistance. As a result, when sawing and grinding large rock, the binder hardness is high, when sawing material soft rock, the binder hardness should be low, when sawing and grinding of large and hard rock, binder hardness should be moderate.

  4, the force effect, temperature effect and wear and tear: Diamond circular saw blades in the process of cutting stone, will be centrifugal force, sawing forces, saw Csege, such as the role of alternating loads.