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Resin Cutting Disc Light Weight And Corrosion Resistance

Resin Cutting Disc is a kind of glass fiber reinforced material, unsaturated polyester resin as the matrix, through a special processing of a composite of a number of blank plate materials, resin grating can be used as structural materials, as a corrosive environment of the floor, trench cover plate, platform, ship deck, staircases, Plank road and so on.

Polyester grille with light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, rugged non-slip, non-magnetic insulation, color beautiful and diverse, easy to clean, easy to install. Products are widely used in petrochemical, light industry metallurgy, food brewing, energy, electricity, sewage treatment and other industries, is the traditional metal grille ideal replacement products.

Light weight: It weighs about 1.8, weighs only 1/4 of steel, and 2/3 of aluminum;

High-strength: The strength is hard PVC 10 times times, far higher than the absolute strength of aluminum alloy, to reach the level of ordinary steel;

Corrosion Resistance: It is stainless steel, mildew-free, no rot, no paint, ability, large amount of gas, liquid corrosive medium;

Anti-Fatigue: FRP Grating has a certain degree of flexibility, which makes people working on the above feel very comfortable, as a working platform, reduce the staff of the legs and back tension, increase the work of the comfort, thereby improving the efficiency, has been recommended ergonomics scientists;

Comprehensive economic: than ordinary carbon steel, polyester grille integration, low cost, although its one-off investment than ordinary carbon steel, because of its long life, can be used for 20 years, and maintenance-free, so its comprehensive economic benefits are much better than the use of carbon steel;

Easy to install: Polyester grille, allowing members to use less weight, thus reducing the weight of the support structure, do not need to install lifting equipment, thereby saving and convenient.

Security: In the installation and use process due to collisions, especially suitable for use in flammable and explosive environment, in addition to not produce sparks, polyester grille with non-slip surface, prevent skidding grille and reduce accidents.

The color of the resin grid board will be made with polyester-compatible colorants and polyester, so its color is not surface, so that it retains color lasting. Brightly colored resin grating can improve your living environment, change the corrosive environment of the constant gray situation, for the present factory to add luster. Generally: yellow, green, gray, red, blue, black, natural color.

Due to the presence of corrosive liquids and gases, resulting in the rapid corrosion of metals in these areas, although the corrosion-resistant layer and other facilities, but the corrosion of the components is still very alarming, not only caused by poor production environment, but also affect production safety, sometimes have to stop the maintenance, The resin grating used in these areas can have a very good effect, which has a long service life, low cost, safe and reliable, no maintenance, and beautiful and generous advantages. In the Gulf region, Middle East oil field reconstruction work, after expert demonstration, the use of resin grating is the most economical and reasonable materials, and therefore is a large number of use.

Trench Cover PLATE: Many chemical plants, smelters electrolysis workshop, power plant Chemical treatment Workshop, electroplating factory, battery factory, Machinery factory pickling workshop, pharmaceutical factory, printing and dyeing plant, salt mine, etc. have a large number of trench, the trench is more corrosive liquid, traditional trench cover plate useful angle steel, flat iron welding, cast iron, cement cover plate, etc. These materials are not corrosion-resistant, many years, a few months is destroyed, the workshop is fragmented appearance, the use of fiberglass grating can be very good to solve the problem of corrosion, at the same time easy to discharge sewage into the ditch, but also easy to observe the situation in the trench.

Double floor: There are many workshops, the traditional operation is the operator, the production of finished products, waste liquid, waste residue on different ground, this has many inconveniences, easy to cause corrosion-resistant ground damage, in the solid ground concept is different from the double steel grating floor, that is, the upper layer due to the resin grid board composition, the lower layer for the building matrix ground, The operator walks on the steel grating board surface, the finished product is placed on the FRP grating board surface layer, and the waste residue, the cost liquid, may discharge to the lower base ground, the work completes can use the powerful sprinkler irrigation, clears the ground sundry, thus facilitates the operation worker, may facilitate the inspection work of the management personnel.