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Teach You 3 Strokes To Extend The Life Of Diamond Saw Blade

  Teach you 3 strokes to extend the life of diamond saw blade

  Diamond saw blade life is the focus of attention of stone factory supplies, a good diamond saw blade if the maintenance and use of appropriate methods, not only can improve the cutting effect, but also help to extend the life of the saw blade, improve cutting efficiency, Supplies expenses, then, in the daily use of maintenance, we need to pay attention to what can effectively extend the life of the diamond saw blade?

  Experts for you to decrypt, want to extend the life of the saw blade, should note the following:

  1. Use the same type of head

  In the production process, try to use the new abrasive, so out of the knife head to ensure that the size of the same size, diamond saw blade the same size of the cuttings more stable blade, saw blade rotation more stable, each blade on the blade Consumption will be more uniform. So the same size of the blade can extend the life of the blade.

  2. Do blade maintenance

  When we buy the diamond saw blade, we must pay attention to protect the saw blade, must not light to play, this will lead to deformation of the saw blade, cutting time will swing, so will affect the life of the saw blade.

  3. Ensure that the propulsion speed of the slate is stable

  When our saw blade in the cutting process, if it is automatically cut the machine, then the speed of the machine is uniform, the diamond blade on the blade force is uniform, the head of the consumption is uniform, so automatic cutting machine More conducive to extend the life of the saw blade. On the contrary, if it is manually cut the machine, because the advance of the slate is artificial, so the blade on the blade force is uneven, consumption is not uniform, it is not conducive to extend the life

  In the daily stone cutting work, diamond saw blade the need for reasonable use, maintenance of saw blade, in order to reduce the consumption of saw blade, so as to improve efficiency while reducing supplies expenses.