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The Safety Performance Of Diamond Saw Blades Is A Quality Problem That Can Not Be Ignored

  The safety performance of the diamond saw blade is a quality problem that can not be ignored because the "out of the teeth" directly affects the performance of the blade and the safety of the operator due to the cause of the production or use. In industrial production, the use of diamond saw blade tools there is a certain risk, due to the protection of life and attention, its safety more and more attention by manufacturers and users. diamond saw blade Although the national standards and industry standards have not yet on the safety performance of diamond saw blade to make clear and specific provisions, but can learn from the relevant international standards, such as the new EN13236 standard and abroad to recall the recall case, improve the production process, improve the monitoring Means to ensure the safety performance of diamond saw blades.

  First, the impact of diamond saw blade safety performance factors

  1. The base tooth is not clean, resulting in welding is not strong.

  2. Sintering process parameters control is not good, sintering temperature is low, "less burn" so that welding is not strong, diamond saw blade the carcass itself low strength, fragile.

  Second, to improve the safety performance of diamond saw blade measures

  Optimized design. The use of low oxygen content of raw materials powder; change the base of the outer shape of the "Yan tooth shape" to improve the matrix and matrix bonding strength.

  2. Optimize the process. The base tooth part adopts "copper plating" process; adopts cold pressing - hot sintering process; adopts hot pressing - welding process (ie laser welding process). The traditional high-frequency welding, diamond saw blade weld bonding strength (especially when the high temperature) is not high enough, sawing process prone to head collapse collapse and other accidents, saw blade safety and reliability is not good. The laser welding is based on the focus of the laser beam as the energy, the use of deep penetration welding mechanism, melting the tip of the transition layer and the matrix to form a solid weld, even in the saw blade, the drill is not cooling water cooling case Can guarantee a high welding strength, to ensure the use of security.